Songwriting | Recording

Ron provides coaching for songwriting in Tulsa, Oklahoma and online. He has been writing music for over 15 years. When his first song was recorded, he fell in love with the recording process. In 2015, his first live album was recorded – which you can find on iTunes and Spotify. From that album, Ron received recognition from EDM artist, Ampyx. The two collaborated to create an acoustic/EDM mashup called “Shoot for the Stars“, which was signed by a record label.

Coaching Sessions Include:

  • Tips and creativity workouts
  • Strategies to make your current songs better
  • Harmony and Chord progressions
  • Song structure
  • Demo recordings of your songs – for you to share!
  • Live and studio equipment usage, sound, & effects.
  • How to overcome performance anxiety


Lessons are taught at Ron’s inviting home studio or online via FaceTime or Skype. You will find snacks, cold/hot water, tea, and a beautiful well-kept yard. If you wish to have coaching sessions at your residence and are within 10 minutes from TU, $5 compensation for gas and drive time is respectfully requested.


Lessons are available by appointment. To schedule a time slot, please fill out this form. Students will reserve a weekly time slot and receive a private lesson lasting 30 minutes or 1 hour once a week.


Credit/Debit cards accepted

  • 30 minute lessons – $30
  • 60 minute lessons – $55