Which songs seem to be hard to play ….

Which songs seem to be hard to play on guitar but actually are not that difficult?

Funny story. When I was a freshman in college, there was a guy that was just ridiculous at playing guitar. He could play Blackbird by the Beatles flawlessly. I had never even picked up the guitar before, but it would soon be my lifelong ambition to play Blackbird.

I started playing guitar and learned hundreds of songs, but never once attempted Blackbird. “When I’m good enough” was always the thought. “One day.” After 6 years of playing, I decided that I would muster up the courage to find the music for Blackbird. My true skills would soon be tested. I was building the anticipation towards the moment that I would begin learning this treacherous song. I figured I would be spending the next month or two working on it.

I started practicing it and…. 15 minutes later I had it down. Literally the largest anti-climactic moment in my life.

All of that to answer the question: Blackbird by the Beatles

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