Do Not Hide

The things that have hurt us in the past end up shaping our thoughts about life. We typically pretend that we have no remembrance of our hurts, but what ends up happening is we just shelf them as far back in our mind as possible. I have found that when I do this, I am unable to allow those pains to heal. They fester and grow as I neglect the abandoned wound.


For whatever fallacious reason, we assume that intangible wounds heal themselves. Our ideas of restoration are as abstract as the lacerations in our soul. But the truth is, healing never seems to come quickly. The One person that can help us through our struggle is the last person we want to talk to.


After years of running from the most stable thing I knew, the very ground where I stood seemed to be crumbling beneath me. I was not interested in renouncing what I thought was “freedom.” All the while, I could faintly hear the words “do not hide from me.”


I chose to ignore those words. I was completely unaware that the Lord wanted to use my life in a positive way. He wanted the best for me, while I only wanted a life of mediocrity for myself. I finally chose to turn towards Him, and in turn, He gave me an overflowing life full of blessings. I can not imagine where my life would be without His favor.
That is what inspired me to write, “Do Not Hide.” It is through the perspective of Christ, as He gave His life for the purpose of spending an eternity with us. He doesn’t want to take away our freedom and joy, he wants to take away our pains and replace them with true life.

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