What Age to Begin Taking Piano Lessons

Chances are, this isn’t the first time you’ve been asking this question. When is the best time for a child to begin taking music lessons? There are many different opinions about this topic, but generally you will find the number between five and seven years old. However, after teaching private piano lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma for many years, I’d like to share some things that could – perhaps – adjust the starting point for piano lessons.


Is the child already interested in music?

If the child shows interest and excitement when the piano is played (assuming you have a piano in your house), then you may want to consider your options for piano lessons. A great option for toddlers is general music lessons – in which the teacher uses the Dalcroze teaching method.

Does the child have older siblings – or parents – that play music?

There are many factors for success when learning an instrument. One of the largest factors, however, is the amount of practice between lessons. When a child observes their older siblings or other family members playing music, it will instinctively ignite the aspiration to play as well.

Is the child relatively well-behaved?

Listen, I’m a dad too – I know how kids are! I’m not saying they should be able to sit down and read a book on their own for 30 minutes before taking lessons. If you’re able to find a teacher that can mix things up a bit (for the sake of interest), then there shouldn’t be any reason why a child wouldn’t be able to have fun during their lesson.

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Do you have a good instructor in mind?

Learning to play an instrument is quite the endeavor. For that reason, be sure to find a teacher that helps the child enjoy the process – not despise it. There will always be ups and downs – especially when the novelty of trying something new wears off.

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Final Thoughts

I would certainly agree that a great age to begin taking lessons is between five and seven years old. In general, children younger than five or six tend to have difficulty sitting at a piano for 30 minutes. For that reason, it is important to know that a music lesson does not need to require the student to sit at the piano for that length of time. There are definitely other options to explore for a toddler.